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GenderBrave (18-29)

GenderBrave is a new Resource Center program for transgender and gender non-conforming young adults ages 18-29. Activities and events are developed by the program's core group members under the support of Center staff. GenderBrave's core group members are participant leaders, representing the program's diverse communities. Events offered, include weekly social programming and support groups, quarterly mid-size events and semi-annual large events.

Monday Meetup (18-29)

Transgender and gender non-conforming young adults meet every Monday at 6-9 p.m. This is a social group that provides support and community.

Support Group (18-29)

Transgender and gender non-conforming young adults meet every Tuesday at 6-7 p.m. This group is led by SMU's Center for Family Counseling.

Transgender Health Clinic (18+)

Click here for information about Resource Center's Transgender Health Clinic at the Nelson-Tebedo Clinic. The Transgender Health Clinic serves all members of the transgender community, age 18 and over. While this clinic serves the transgender community, it operates separately from the GenderBrave program.

Behavioral Health Services

  • LGBTQ focused mental health and substance abuse for adults.
  • Behavioral Health counseling services are available for adults in either individual, group or family settings.
    • Click here for behavioral health services.


Contact Us

GenderBrave: 214-540-4415 
Email: GenderBrave@myresourcecenter.org

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