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Young Men


FUSE is an HIV prevention program for young gay, bisexual, queer and questioning men of all races and ethnicities, ages 18-35. FUSE hosts monthly meetings to discuss dating, hooking up and staying safe. FUSE also provides outreach and condoms to local bars, and offers free and private in-house HIV/STI testing.

FUSE Location: 2600 Stemmons Fwy., Suite 188, Dallas, 75207. Call 214-540-4435 or Send Email

Visit the FUSE site here.
Click here for a calendar of FUSE events.


Young Black/African-American Men

United Black Ellument (UBE)

United Black Ellument (UBE) is an HIV prevention program that empowers young Black same-gender-loving men ages 18-35 to achieve their greatest potential for good. UBE provides alternative social events and opportunities to promote diversity, well-being, and strength as individuals and as a community. UBE creates a safe environment to talk and encourage
one another about issues, including safer sex, that are important to its members.

UBE Location: 2600 Stemmons Fwy., Suite 188, Dallas, 75207. Call 214-760-9718 or Send Email

Visit the United Black Ellument site here.


Hispanic Men

Grupo Orgullo Hispano (GOH)

GOH is designed to educate Latino men in social programs. Our focus ranges from providing fun and educational activities, where participants have a place to express their ideas and feelings, to raise awareness about the reality we live in terms of health risks to which they are exposed.

Grupo Orgullo Hispano (GOH) es un grupo para chicos gay, bisexuales, transgénero y queer mayores de 18 años.

Grupo Orgullo Hispano (GOH) ofrece programas de prevención del VIH culturalmente apropiados para chicos gay, bisexuales, transgénero y queer mayores de 18 años de habla hispana. GOH se esfuerza por movilizar a sus integrantes para formar una comunidad saludable, a construir conexiones sociales positivas y a mantener relaciones sexuales más seguras.

Call 214-540-4448 or Send Email


Behavioral Health Services 

  • LGBTQ focused mental health and substance abuse for adults.
  • Behavioral Health counseling services are available for adults in either individual, group or family settings.
    • Click here for behavioral health services.