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Young Men


FUSE is an outreach project mobilizing young (18-29) gay/bisexual men to shape a healthy community for themselves, build positive social connections and support their friends to have safer sex.

FUSE Location: 4038 Lemmon Ave., Ste. 101, Dallas 75219. Call 214-540-4435 or email fuse@myresourcecenter.org

Visit the Fuse site here.
Click here for a calendar of Fuse events.


Young Black/African-American Men

United Black Ellument (UBE)

United Black Ellument (aka UBE) is a multilevel, evidence based prevention program based on an adaptation of the CDC’s Mpowerment Project designed to create, empower and support young (18-29) black, gay/bisexual men’s community to reduce sexually risky behavior and foster regular HIV testing.

UBE Location: 5750 Cedar Springs Rd., Dallas 75235. Call 214-760-9718 or email ube@myresourcecenter.org

Visit the United Black Ellument site here.


Hispanic Men

Valor Latino

VALOR LATINO is designed to educate Latino men in social programs. Our focus ranges from providing fun and educational activities, where participants have a place to express their ideas and feelings, to raise awareness about the reality we live in terms of health risks to which they are exposed.

VALOR LATINO está destinado a educar a hombres Latinos en programas sociales. Nuestro enfoque abarca desde proveer actividades divertidas y educativas, donde los participantes tengan un lugar donde puedan expresar sus ideas y sentimientos, hasta hacer conciencia sobre la realidad que vivimos en cuanto a los riesgos de salud a los que nos exponemos.

Call 214-540-4430 or email acarbajal@myresourcecenter.org


Behavioral Health Services 

  • LGBTQ focused mental health and substance abuse for adults.
  • Behavioral Health counseling services are available for adults in either individual, group or family settings.
    • Click here for behavioral health services.